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Breathing Suggestions

I'm embarking on a journey, a journey to learn more about myself, my pain, my life and my resources. I think I've been on this journey for quite some time, but I haven't been the one making all of the choices. Much of the time, I find myself feeling like things are out of control.. That said, I'm writing my way through this journey when I can.

Prompt: from Reversing Pain

Explore different key words and their effects on your breathing and record the suggestions
that work for you in your pain journal.

I've always liked the words suggested in the
Panic Attack Program from Health Journeys
The words are "I am peace" on the inhale and "I am calm" on the exhale. But what other suggestions could I use with my breathing?

Comforting... Breath
Be... Still.
Healing... Comfort.

Any other suggestions?
Tags: anxiety, biofeedback, chronic illness, chronic pain, holistic therapies, hope, pain management journal, relaxation, reversing pain

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