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Can you help me with my project?

So here's the deal. I'm working with my biofeedback therapist on a personalized recording of the techniques which work for me. We want to encorporate a few affirmations. So I've been busy collecting affirmations, as many as I can find and like.I have 24 hours more, so now comes the fun. I've already categorized the affirmations to my best ability and in a way which makes sense for me.

I should probably explain what Affirmations are and how they are used. Basically, affirmations are positive messages we make a habit of including in our day. The idea is that, when presented with a positive thought enough times, the brain and body can make it a reality. I struggle with negative thoughts a lot, so affirmations are a way to try to counteract that. Affirmations can be
a href="">recordings included with guided imageryor even just an index card taped near your mirror. The important thing is to see, hear or say the affirmations and repeat them frequently.

Now, I need to narrow down these affirmations to have just a small handful to bring to my session tomorrow. So, in the interest of sharing the work I've done compiling these, since these may help someone else, and in the interest of hearing your opinions, here's the categorized list. Feel free to use these if you'd find them helpful.

What I'd like is some feedback. Which affirmations of these do you think would be good for me to have in the project,? What am I missing? Do you personally have a favorite? Let me know in the comments and I'll definitely take your suggestions and thoughts into consideration.

Categorized List of Affirmations


(Three Affirmations)
More and more, I can accept my feelings, soften around them and breathe through them.
I know there are times when I feel frustrated, fearful, angry or sad, and I acknowledge and accept what I feel as my inner truth of the moment.
I know that the more I can accept my body as it is, without criticism or blame the more I assist its natural tendency to feel well and be well.


(10 Affirmations)
I declare my intention to heal myself in body, mind and spirit.
I welcome the return of my strength, vitality and sense of self.
My health, energy, and vitality are increasing everyday.
My positive thoughts are now creating the body that I desire.
My body is healing and regenerating itself everyday.
I am now relaxed and filled with peace of mind. In my relaxed state, my body repairs and heals itself quickly.
I deserve to be healthy and strong."
I nourish myself and my needs
I thank my body for all it has done for me in the past and all it will do for me in the future.
I know that I am better and better able to listen to my body and sense what it needs.


(Three Affirmations)
I know that the time to be motivated by fear and anxiety is over, now is the time to do things out of love, celebration and the joy of self-expression.
More and more, I see that when I soften and let go of harsh expectations, of unrealistic demands on myself or others I give my body peace and comfort.
I am now spending my time, energy, and emotion on the goals that are
most important to me rather than responding to the demands of other people.
I know that I have things to do, gifts to give, purposes to accomplish; I require my energy, comfort and peace of mind for this.

Peace of mind, peace and calm:

(Sixteen Affirmations)

I can see and feel a peaceful balanced calm move through my body and mind.
I welcome my ability to cushion myself from jarring events and respond from a place of peaceful, balanced calm.
I know that when I can forgive myself and others from errors of the past, I give my body peace and comfort.
I salute the healing action of my own breath.
I feel myself transforming fear in the fierce cauldron of my own open heart.
I sleep peacefully and I awake joyfully.
I am calm and relaxed in every situation.
You are safe and secure and all is well."
You are calm and confident."
"Let harmony and peace fill your life."
I trust the flow and process of life
I let love and joy circulate through me
When I remember to feel my breath moving in and out of my body, I return to my own inner peace and calm.
More and more, I can allow myself to let go of things I cannot control and focus on my own inner peacefulness.
More and more I’m learning to focus my attention on what does me and my life the most good.
I know that when I can forgive myself and others for errors of the past, I give my body peace and comfort.
More and more I can feel the peaceful stillness at my center, soft, strong and steady.

Self-care and pain management:

(Twenty-three Affirmations
I have many skills to help me cope and persevere.
I live in respectful relationship with pain, but I know I am not the pain.
Release anything negative from your body, mind and spirit."
I find time to relax, practice biofeedback and give my body and mind a break every day.
When I feel tired or my pain increases, I stop what I am doing, relax and cultivate comfort.
I breathe fully and freely
My mind creates a feeling of warm, heavy comforting relaxation.
I am learning to trust my body and to make good use of the information it offers me.
More and more, I’m learning to save my energy for what truly matters to me.
More and more, I’m learning to pace myself.
I’m remembering to enjoy the pleasant feeling of my body as it moves, breathes, stretches, rests and settles in for sleep.
More and more, I can appreciate my body, be consciouss of it and fully inhabit it.
More and more, I can consider the possibility that my body is teaching me something useful, that this pain is strengthening my heart and my mind.
More and more, I see that I can train myself to manage this pain in my body.
More and more, I see that I can focus my attention wherever I wish it to go.
I understand that when I soften into my pain, allowing room for it and breathing gently into it, I can make it smaller.
I know that with or without this pain, I am strong, vital and whole.
I can see and feel a radient sunlight, entering and warming my body, penetrating the places that hurt; loosening, dissolving and dispursing the pain.
I can see and feel a powerful blue-green wave of pure healing washing through me from head to toe, carrying pain and discomfort out with the tide.
I can see and feel a warm pulsing blanket of magical comfort surrounding me enveloping me with peace and safety. Soaking its healing energy into me and easing the places that hurt.
I thank the medications and procedures designed to help my body’s natural tendency to heal and comfort itself and I join my strength and purpose to theirs.


(Four Affirmations)
I lovingly release the day
Tomorrow will take care of itself
When I am ready, I slip into peaceful sleep
When I sleep, my mind is at peace and the healing powers within my body
are magnified.


(Three Affirmations)
I invite assistance from friends and loved ones. I see myself surrounded by their love and caring and I feel it all over my body like a warm wave.
I am surrounded by love.
I know that I am nourished and sustained by all of the love that has ever come into my life.

Thoughts, beliefs and feelings:

(Ten Affirmations)
I am consciously aware of my beliefs. I only hold onto beliefs that support me.
I know that when I can acknowledge my feelings without criticism or blame, I assist my body’s natural tendency to feel well and be welll.
I apply my faith with consistent acts of courage.
Everything is getting better every day.
I choose to love and approve of myself
I go beyond my fears and limitations
My thoughts are worth sharing through voice and writing.
More and more, I am learning to be gentle and considerate toward myself.
More and more, I’m able to savor the gifts of the present.
More and more I can take pleasure in the simple joys of living.
More and more, I appreciate my body for what it truly is, my oldest friend and my steadiest companion.
More and more, I can see the beauty of others and the beauty of my surroundings.

Ending Affirmation:
I know that I am held in the hands ofGod and I am purely, utterly, safe.
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