Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Hey body, cut it out!

Deciding to have surgery is rarely easy. I guess if it's to get a ruptured apendix out or you'll die if you don't do the surgery, it's an easier decision But there are a lot of factors to consider. I thought I was done having surgeries. Surgery is a huge risk for someone with RSDS/CRPS because, as a physical trauma, it can cause RSD in someone who does not have it yet and can worsen or spread the condition if the patient has CRPS.. Since the surgeries I have had in the past have caused huge problems for my RSD, I swore I wouldn't have another surgery. But, then, I broke my toe. That was four months ago. I was so excited that for once I had something which could heal in six weeks. But the pain never really got better. A few weeks ago, I had an x-ray to see how the toe had healed. Basically, it hadn't healed at all. What's worse, it is considered walled-off. I either need to have surgery now, or wait for things to get wworse and amputate that toe. What's really bad about this is that I am starting to notice some burning pain, sensitivity to touch, swelling and others are noticing discoloration. This is on what I used to call my good foot.

So anyway, I will have the surgery on Thursday June 11th. I'm really scared, life seems so unfair. I don't want RSD on my right foot too. I would definitely appreciate all prayers and support. This is really hard for me. I'm trying so hard to handle this calmly, I've been doing lots of surgery guided imagery which helps some, but my fear is more pain.
Tags: rsd sucks, surgery

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