Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Places I've been

Okay, so I haven't been writing much lately. School, pain and anxiety have all complicated the picture. I want to let you know, however, that a few exciting things have happened to my writing.

The May
Pain Blog Carnival,/a>
is up and mentions the RSD resource I've been putting together. I can attest that there's a lot of great reading in the carnival, so stop by.

Next, I'm really excited to let you knnow that if you download audio books from the National Library Service site, you can download an audio version of my book. You can either search for the title "Nickie's Nook: Sharing the Journey" or right now you can see it on the recently added downloads page.

This might be hard for someone who's sighted to understand, but this actually feels just as exciting and a lot more real to me as when I first published the book in 2007. Hearing it read by one of my favorite narrators is just so cool!
Tags: accessibility, blogs, disability related, my writing, nickie's nook the book
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