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A New RSD Resource I Created

Okay, so I can't sleep due to the pain tonight (I'll get to sleep eventually), and I channeled that energy into a project which I've been working on for a while now. I've always wanted to create an effective resource for people with RSDS/CRPS, I know that people have said they benefit from my blog or my book, but I also know that it's hard to find resources. I'm not necessarily talking about links, but even something as simple as music which calms the nervous system or uplifts the spirit, books about RSD and chronic pain and tools to manage the pain better. I don't have a perfect masterpiece yet, and I plan to be updating and adding a lot, but I'd like to present
Tons of Tools for Relentless Pain

Please spread the word and if you have CRPS and are willing, please share your story. If you want more, please leave feedback and I'll do my best to add the resources you seek.
Tags: chronic illness, chronic pain, rsd sucks
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