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A week?

I can't believe that I haven't updated for a week,. I've been busy, and I'm not entirely sure what happened last week. But I know it was crazy. After the resignation, I waded through what seemed like millions of emails on the listserves I'm on. As an aside, there's a new web site out there started by Penny Reeder, and possibly others:
Syndicated onto LJ at braillefreepres
People Of Vision is now available on Web Braille.
What else? I'm not sure! I didn't do too great at the speech meet, but I didn't do too teribly either.
In other news, Children of Eden rocks!!
Well, I realize that these entries aren't as good as they used to be, but lately I'm so tired and parts of life are exhausting enough that Ion't even feel like talking to people anymore. So if I'm withdrawn on MSN or AOL, that's why. My foot is sore as usual, and I recently passed the one year mark. I guess It's even more chronic now.
Some of the good things?
I do have some really good friends I see once in a while, and I'm hoping that if I try to connect more it'll help. But I find myself wanting to withdraw more.
I'm sure I'm just sick of school and because Bio is so visual, I'm feeling drained. Once it gets to be spring, I'll feel better. It's just so frustrating not knowing why I'm this way right now. It can't help that my Saturdays are totally absorbed by speech and I'm not doing that well.
What frustrates me about that is that the judges that give me the best ratings actually tell me what I could do better, and the ones that don't give me good ratings give me the "great job!" response. That's not helpful. If you think I'm so great, why aren't you showing it in your ratings?
I need sleep, so I should go. But it's only four or so in the afternoon and I really should stay up.
I wonder if my inability to communicate on a visual level is making my rating worse in speech?
Okay, I'll go.

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