Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Prompt me: A Pair of Shoes

Today I needed a distraction from a coughing induced panic attack, so my friend Kati and I decided to work on writing from prompts for something to distract me with. The prompt I wrote from is at the bottom of this piece. Feel free to comment or write from the same prompt or even use my writing as a prompt. If you do, please link to your post in a comment to me. I'd also be interested in a writing prompt if you have one. I specifically want to know what you want me to write about, not what you don't.

It’s not easy being me. My friends all get to stay in a job which never pushes their borders or limits. They never have to grow, stretch or make an effort to support more than they bargained for. My friend albRIGHT, for example, is fine. Sometimes he has to get used to a new member, but he doesn’t experience the pain of growing. He doesn’t eve have to be all things at once. I never know if I’ll be filling my original role, or one much larger. Some mornings, I get a member to support that’s nice and small, then, the next morning, my member is huge, with lots of specific needs. I stretch my budget here, crimp there and no matter what, I come out with too few materials. I feel like the non-profit of the shoe world, being Nickie’s left shoe.

The Prompt: A Pair of Shoes.
Tags: chronic illness, chronic pain, humor, my writing, rsd sucks

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