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Well, yeah, this adicting! But I love it!! I just ordered a bit of stuff from
For the baby shower. I think I'm gonna create a gift certificate or card or something considering it won't be here in time.
Okay, so here's what I'm thinking. Have you ever noticed how just by the fact that someone is disabled, it seems to give people a reason to baby the person? I've seen so many people babied just because they have a disability, it's sickening!
I have nothing against the people that educate us, but especially with people with more severe disabilities than blindness, I see people being babied all the time!!
For example, I know a girl in a wheelchair. People are always so amazed at what she can do, and how independent she's becoming. Why shouldn't they be?
Well, it's great to congradulate her, everyone likes praise, but seriously, she's in high school, she should have control of her life a bit more, and more control of how she's treated.
For all I know, shedoesn't care, but I sure do. I hate it when I'm treated like a kid. Maybe I'm going through a strange time of teenage rebellion, but I think I'm entitled!

And why do I have a screwed up sleep schedule? Everytime I try to catch up on sleep, It blows up in my face! Okay, I better take the soap box and put it away.
See ya!

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