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Nickie Coby

8 Reasons to give my book as a present this Christmas

I'm frequently asked many questions about my book when I describe it to friends or strangers who don't know about it. The underlying question is pretty much always "What makes this book special and why should i even buy it". So, here are the top 8 reasons to
Give Nickie's Nook: Sharing the Journey

  1. A portion of the proceeds from the books sold will go toward charities or organizations working to make a difference to those who are blind or have chronic illnesses.

  2. Unless your recipient reads this blog, or knows me they probably don't have a copy, so you won't have to mess with gift receipts.

  3. The web site I use does allow you to send a short note with the book, so you can send a gift note.

  4. It's accessible in PDF form which can be converted to text with most versions of Adobe and I can and do provide most accessible electronic formats.

  5. The mix of stories, essays and entries in the book means that there's sure to be something that interests your reader.

  6. Because the book has many shorter selections which do not need to be read in a specific order, it's the perfect gift for someone on the go. There are several selections which can be read in waiting rooms, on bus rides or as a quick read during a break from school or work.

  7. The cover features the cutest yellow lab named Julio ever.

  8. You'll make me very happy.

Buy the book at
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