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I don't typically review products or even books on my blog. I never do it for compensation and I don't plan to do so. The product I'm about to review was purchased by me, not provided for free. I realize reviews can be ethically sticky subjects so I hope that information helps you to evaluate the following post. A few weeks ago, during
Invisible Illness Week
I learned something which surprised me. Ironically, it wasn't even something one of the speakers said (I've had to take the slow route and listen to the podcast versions of many of the presentations). I have no doubt that I will learn something surprising as I continue to listen. Anyway, what surprised me was the fact that Bath and Body Works is selling socks. This news came to me when I looked at the door prize list (I actually did win a prize, which I tend not to succeed in doing). I saw that they sell
Soft Socks and Allo-Containing Socks
Those of us with RSD tend to struggle to find garments which we can tollerate and we also struggle with skin problems which are just another part of the disorder in some cases but they are also complicated by the touch sensitivity; after all, who wants to put lotion on a limb which can barely tollerate touch. Like many aspects of life, RSD is incredibly complicated. On one hand, we need to keep our limbs and bodies warm, but on the other, it hurts to wear socks and shoes. It's incredibly rare for me to be able to do one without compromising the other. The socks from Bath and Body Works are wonderful in this regard! The Sweetest Softest Socks are soft, fuzzy and warm and they don't hurt me as bad as many other slipper socks do and certainly not as bad as many of the slippers which were obviously designed for 20-year-old women who have a strong desire to abuse their feet. I've always thought that slippers should be comfortable, but many slippers out there just aren't realistic to walk in, don't keep your feet warm and definitely are not comfortable. Thankfully, the Sweetest Softest Socks are easy to walk in (they have those little tred things that help with traction). They come in multiple colors. They also keep my feet relatively warm. I do have to say that they don't always fit me as well as I'd like, but then, the swelling in my foot isn't exactly normal, either. The allo socks are also soft and comfortable with the treds for traction, but with one exception; they contain allo which does contribute to softer skin. They don't solve the problem of what RSD does to my skin on my left foot, and they don't do much for the right foot which has gotten very tough skin because I put so much weight on it. That said, they are certainly better than no moisturizing product at all and a lot less painful than putting on lotion. They might work better if I wore them for longer, but they are certainly worth a try. Overall, these socks are much cheeper than others I've seen which are designed for sensitive feet (these are 2 for $12.00). They are pretty comfortable and do help address some challenges I face specifically because of my RSD. They also make me feel good because of their fun colors and because, for once, I'm buying footwear which others in my age group like.


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Oct. 17th, 2008 01:30 am (UTC)
I actually have a pair of the soft ones. I got it as a present from my work place last Christmas, and while they do not amuse me to the point my horrific pink bunny slippers do, they are pretty darn comfy, hahah.
Oct. 17th, 2008 01:39 am (UTC)
Wow, I didn't know they'd been around for so long, one side effect of my obsession with Lush is that I never go into those stores anymore... By the way, I haven't seen you or Diane and figure you might want to know that I went home because my anxiety is bad. I'll be back some time on Sunday, and don't want you two to worry.
Oct. 17th, 2008 03:55 am (UTC)

Thanks for letting us know, we were getting kinda worried/wondering. Hope things get better
Oct. 17th, 2008 06:45 am (UTC)
There is no Bath and Body works where I live, but I'm guessing the socks you mean are those super-soft, chenille-type of socks? Very fluffy?
If so, I have some of them! Mine don't have non-slip treads, but they are great when my CRPS or RSD foot goes icy-cold and nothing warms it up.
I've just been weeding out my sock drawers (I've sort of collected them), ridding myself of ones that are snug at the top and end mid-calf - exactly where I have some of my worst symptoms.
Shoes are another tricky spot for me; I've been tending to wear those Croc clogs or gardening clogs because they are foamy which cushions my CRPS foot. Feels better than running shoes, which are probably the next most comfortable option...
They aren't exactly dressy, but for everyday wear I'm all about comfort and always have been. Good thing is, the non-Croc brand ones can be gotten cheaply so I can buy some in several fun colours if I want, whee! Bad thing is, what do I wear if I need to dress up more, say going to work (when I return to work) or whatever? Lime green foamy clogs with holes in them just won't cut it then!
I haven't done it professionally for years now, but I once trained and became licensed as an esthetician, someone who provides skin and body care services in spas. One of the things I really enjoyed was performing pedicures, which I still do for friends. If you ever get near my neck of the woods (British Columbia, Canada) I'd be glad to take care of your tootsies for you, my dear - and you can be sure I do know how to navigate around an RSD-affected foot! Otherwise, send me an email if you'd like some tips/advice about simple footcare ideas as I love to pass along info.
Glad to read your posts as usual.
Oct. 22nd, 2008 10:25 am (UTC)
I saw those and will be requestiing some for Christmas.
Oct. 22nd, 2008 07:17 pm (UTC)
Can't run - can't hide
I'm allergic to aloe vera in all it's incarnations. If I put on those socks - I'd have hives all over my feet! The itching alone would drive me nuts.
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