Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

No, really?

First things first, I want to let you all know that Julio is still doing very well. i've had several people, with varying levels of experience with dogs look at his surgical area and say that it's healing well. It's still difficult getting around without him, and I'm seriously thinking of going back to the walker just to get us through this period. This is partially due to the pain levels I've been experiencing and partially because the walker would at least run into stuff before I do. A white cane just isn't practicle for me while trying to balance the dog, the cane and the harness which I carry (even though legally with the markings on the collar and my I.D. and the fact that everyone here pretty much knows us) I shouldn't need it. The back of his sign has a pouch where I keep a roll of baggies for relief clean-up, a collapsable dish and a gentle leader, so it has some functional purpose. Between all of that, I don't have a hand free for a cane which makes independent travel pretty unsafe. But the important thing is that Julio's doing fine, he seems to feel good and he's healing well from everything I have heard and based upon his behavior.

Now to the subject of this post. As I've mentioned several times, it's been a hard month for me. I've been struggling with physical and emotional challenges and it's been tough. What I've only now realized is that it helps to find outlets for my emotions. Yes, I know, you'd think I know this by now. But a lot of times I feel so nasty physically that I'm not actually thinking very logically. Not only do I believe that nothing will help, but I tend to believe that it will make things worse. So yesterday, I wrote a private entry, letting it all hang out and felt better. It's really odd to me how hard it is to think clearly when you don't feel well, but if you can do something, even if it's just to write about how frustrated you are and get those thoughts out of your head and onto the paper, you have a good chance of feeling better.

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