Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Drug delemmas

I came across an article which says that
Fruit juices block common drugs
in the article, the researchers explain that they're starting to figure out which chemicals in fruit juices interfere with the absorbtion of some medications. They also state that it's likely that this is a bigger problem than we realize.

The last quote from the researcher says that people should only take their medications with water. If I did that, I'd never take my medication. Pills get chased down with either coffee or soda a lot of the time. If they think they're changing that, they will have another thing coming. I'd also argue that maybe water isn't the best choice either. With all of the discussions of
drugs in the water
it probably isn't safe to take the pills with water. You can argue that the levels are small, but I wonder how much of the small amounts of medications are interfering with drugs we're taking intentionally and we just don't know it.
Tags: chronic pain, health, mainstream news
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