Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

This weekend thus far

I'm extremely frustrated. I can't memorize my speech! We're on the bus to Duluth on Friday for our speech tournament. I'm supposed to be memorized by tomorrow. It's not happening. I'm just getting so confused. It's like my brain is becoming mush and it's never going to unmush. My foot is sore and I'm just stressed. I'm upset about the resignation of Penny Reeder. It's extremely sad. I want to be informed. I've always thought she worked extremely hard on The Braille Forum. I don't o what's going on, but I'm pretty sure that I will not vote for Chris and if he is recalled, I will gladly vote yes, maybe. I need more facts. It's like a bad dream that keeps getting worse. It's extremely sad. I'm not sure what to do about the speech, but I was hoping that journaling would help unfreeze my brain. I don't think it's working. Maybe I should read something relaxing. I'll keep writing as I think of it. I waited for a while because my coach suggested I take a break. I did, but I feel no better. I need to laugh for a while or something.
Now it's 10:30. I actually had a very nice time! I may have made some new friends. Liz and I went out to Subway for dinner, then decided to check out a gift shop near by. I bought way more stuff than I should. Then we ended up going to a place called the Chocolate Factory. I got some white hot chocolate, so we'll see if it's good. I bought a beanie baby, which I thought I'd never do again. And a carmel. Back to the gift shop, I might as well list what I bought since I'm thinking about it. A very small rubber ducky, two heart things that remind me of worry stones, a polished shell Liz thinks is an oyster shell, and finally a set of bamboo wind chimes. I know this is compulsive shopping, and I don't do it much anymore, but obviously I gave in today. My speech went better for practice today which was great. Then the weirdest thing happened. We were all being extremely weird. I was revealing my secret obsession with ramps. I personally think it's partially because it feels cool. So they decided to test out that hypothesis. Lydia was walking on the ramp with her eyes closed and bumped into a guy. Both people apologized, and it was clear that he was confused. So we tried to explain what we were doing. One of the girls pointed at me and said "She's really blind." He said "So am I." It was extremely confusing, and funny. I laughed so hard, I almost peed my pants. Well, it's turned out better than I thought so far. But I really need to go to bed. I'll add more tomorrow. Hugs! Good night!
Sunday morning:
I know I said I'd write more on this entry yesterday, but obviously it didn't happen. Saturday morning, we woke up cold. I took a shower, then we had breakfast at the hotel's continental breakfast. It was really good. So speech meet went well. Forest Lake as a team won. I didn't get the best ratings, a 3 5 5. I don't remember the second numbers, but all were in the 90's I think. I fell asleep on the bus. We stopped for dinner. Apparently I was among the group that wanted to. I just remember hearing everyone say yes and agreeing and going back to sleep. We got dinner, came home. I waded through 188 emails and went to bed. We had to be at church because my parents needed to be there for the ASP fund raiser. I'm pretty exhausted!
Well, I'm gonna paste this into an email and try to sleep. It'll get sent later.


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