Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Stress Management Goal for the Week

As part of the pain management class being done on the
How To Cope with Pain Blog
I've been assigned to do a quick planning exercise on one thing I'll do to help manage my stress. Originally, I had thought that asking for help would be my exercise, but Based on the level of pain I am still in (things are maybe getting better?), I feel that it is important to work on relaxation and making it a priority. So here's what I wrote.

1. The one idea I’ll do is to schedule in relaxation and meditation.
2. one thing I see getting in the way of this is my unpredictable schedule.
3. I’ll deal with this by planning the relaxation time based on when I see myself being able to do the relaxation the night before. For example, on Monday night, I am planning to do relaxation right after lunch, since I know I have time then.
4. specific goal is to schedule at least 15 minutes of relaxation each day, by planning my relaxation time the evening before.
Tags: 2008 goal check-ins, blogs, chronic pain, pain management journal, relaxation

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