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What does my pain need?

I came across this wonderful blog, called Writing and Healing. There is an article as a guest contributor to another favorite blog
Imagery and Writing for Natural Pain Relief
then a follow-up post on the
Writing and Healing Blog

One of the exercises is to write with a prompt of "What does my pain need." Here's what I came up with. Forgive me as I'm freewriting it, not paying the most attention to style, clean readable pros or organized content. But I think that this is something which should be developed.

First, it's easy to say what my pain needs from the biological/medical arena. It needs relief aimed at blocking or slowing pain or other nerve signals, quelling inflammation, topical relief, and some forms of the typical pain medications. It needs my body to be healthy. It needs heat and physical therapy so I can be stronger. If there is ever a cure for RSD/CrPS, I want to have my body in good shape when it comes.

My pain needs feelings of safety and softness, and a healthy dose of self-respect and self-care. Yes, I do feel angry about my pain, but so is the rest of my body. I am not finding that pain responds well to my anger toward it. I must be soft toward my pain, give it room and warmth. My pain needs compassion toward it, even as I try to do what I can to feel better. Finally, my pain needs me to manage my anxiety to help it feel that I am in a safe place. When that happens, the pain's alarm system can slow down a little sometimes.

My pain needs relaxation. My pain needs me to be able to take some amount of time to care for myself to alter my consciousness some, where I can accept healing suggestions (such as my affirmations), more easily. My pain needs that time on the beach, even if it's imagined. My pain needs to be breathed into, softened around, vacationed from and have real, healing images.

My pain needs soft clothing, warmth, soft blankets, strategically placed pillows. It needs scents, aromatherapy which lifts the mood and calms the spirit or relieves pain, it needs warm baths, gentle hands, sitting in silence when the burden is too much to bare.

It needs empathy toward our struggle. My pain needs an outlet, but it needs some boundaries.

Most of all, my pain needs to back away.


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Apr. 1st, 2008 07:42 pm (UTC)

Sometimes, this is all I have...
Apr. 2nd, 2008 01:29 am (UTC)
I wish it was not the only thing you had. In my opinion, for what that will get you, if congresspeople had what we deal with daily, there would be better support and treatment. Pain relief would really be a right.
Apr. 2nd, 2008 06:19 pm (UTC)
if congresspeople had what we deal with daily, there would be better support and treatment.

Your words speak volumes, Nickie. My heart dropped a thousand feet every single time I'd get the "denied" notices from the government subsidies programs to which I applied. There are persons from foreign countries that waltz across the porous border here and have goods-and-services heaped upon them. I sit, bitch-slapped, on the dirty floor.

Pain relief would really be a right.

You are left to suffer and find a way to cope. RSD, for the most part, is an invisible condition. Can others know that you or I are beginning a panic-attack? or on the brink of a flare? It is like you are being 'held' against your will.

Chronic pain makes me weep. I have the desire to chuck all of the misery, at the strongest wall.
Apr. 5th, 2008 04:51 am (UTC)
wow, what a beautiful post. stunning.
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