Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Grattitude Journal

It has been too long since I've written one of these posts. But here is my attempt at starting again. Let's see if this post helps me feel a bit more hopeful. The pain and nausea are getting to me today, and I am nervous about tomorrow's appointment at the pain center. I'm hoping that this entry will help me focus on the positive.

I'm grateful fore:

  • Groceries in the fridge and cupboards.

  • The fact that none of my new supplements have made me sick.

  • The new medication I started a few weeks ago isn't making me sick anymore.

  • Julio has enough dog food again.

  • I got to see Baxter today.

  • My Mom was willing to help with getting food for the puppy and I.

  • I had a wonderful bath, even if it did make my pain worse.

  • The moisturization which happened as a result of the nourishing bath products I used means I'm not so itchy.

  • I'm comfortably sitting in front of my computer.

  • My sister is coming to my appointment tomorrow.

  • I had coffee today.

  • The headache I had did not turn into the evil kind which makes me even more nauseated, light sensitive, smell sensitive and sound sensitive.

  • My orthodics are working okay.

  • I'm reading a great book, which is always a plus.

  • Spring break is in a week.

  • I've managed to figure out how to bandage the bleeding wounds I've unintentionally caused myself today.

  • Today was warmer, and it is supposed to be decent outside this week.

  • I did have a few somewhat better days pain-wise.

  • I managed to get my dinner down today.

  • I've managed to find the energy to hope that I will feel better tomorrow.

  • I think I am slightly less sensitive when I wash my RSD leg thanks to the physical therapy.

Tags: chronic pain, grateful journal, hope, rsd sucks

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