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Nickie Coby

Taking Measure of Progress

We're entering the third month of 2008 today, and I haven't updated with my progress on my new year's goals in the last week or so. I think it would be smart to describe where I'm at so far.

On the goal of drinking more water, juice and "healthy stuff", I'm doing somewhat well, but I find I have to be incredibly mindful about it. What seems to work is if I explicitly put water on my to-do list, by physically sitting a bottle on my desk (that's what I did an hour ago and it's gone). When I'm busy, like this week, it's harder to get the water in. Nausea and busyness seem to be my biggest issues to tackle in the water area. I will note that today I drank some Adwala Pomagrannet-Lime ade, and it was good. My goal for this week is to explore what other healthy options are available to drink in the cafeteria and marketplace.

Healthy snacks are going well. I seem to have fixated on yogurt, but it's definitely healthier than ice cream or pudding, and it's often easier on the stomach. I'd also like to note that I had green peppers on a sub from Subway, and it wasn't too bad. I also learned that I like eating almonds plain, possibly with a bit of seasoning, not sure on that. I didn't see that one coming, either. I'd like to explore the availability of healthier snacks, and possibly see if bringing a snack with me will help with taking meds, etc. I often end up getting something which is less healthy because it's all that is available.

I'm happy to report that physical therapy is going really well. I still have a lot of trust for my physical therapist, and when things don't work, she listens to what I think. That is so important for any patient, but especially with RSD/CRPS. I'm finding new ways to move and encorporate new exercises into my daily routine. I now feel more comfortable going up stairs, and would say I feel sturdier while going up. I'll write this here so that if I need to look back, I can. We're starting with orthodics, again. I admit to having a lot of fear around that.

Physical therapy remains an important way to deal with my pain. There are pieces of my overall pain management strategy all over the place right now, but I think that that is good. I have a broader base of skills and knowledge to draw from than I ever did before. Between my doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners at the pain clinic; the people at physical therapy (mainly my physical therapist); and my counselor and psychiatrist at the counseling center, I have a lot of people to ask for help in all types of disciplines. After consulting with the psychiatrist, we're managing my anxiety and pain a bit more holistically. We'll see what happens with that. I have created a pain management journal tag, so that any posts I write about new techniques or observations can be written and collected more easily.

Psychological and Emotional
I do blog more about emotional stuff than I used to. It's not as public as it was say in high school, but I'm glad I'm blogging more about those types of topics (fear, anxiety, being scared, sadness and general reactions to life). That writing and processing is helping me to deal with life a bit better.

My work in counseling has been so helpful for me this semester. I am more aware of anxiety patterns and concerns when they occur. I also have a place to go to deal with the emotional stuff. When I need to deal with all that pain and its problems can bring, I have a place to go. I wish I had gone sooner.

On the goal of learning one new mindbody skill, I haven't gotten as far on that as I'd like.. One thing I do have to say is I now have a few resources to check out as to what to explore in the future and what might be available to me in my area. We'll see what i find out.

As for relaxation, I almost have to admit to laughing and asking "what's that?" That said, I think I have an idea of what to try. I do well at using some kind of intervention when I become tense and make myself aware of it. For example, I'll use a calming breath or image to get myself to untense. Now, I'd like to associate some activities with relaxation before or after. That might get me to do short bursts. Once I'm doing that, it will be easier to get myself to do the longer sessions. If I know I'm already relaxing 15 minutes a day, it's a lot easier to get myself to use my 20 minute technique. This is a variation on a few tips and things I know about psychology. We'll see how I do.

I'm happy to report that prayer is starting to feel natural again. Not completely natural, but it's getting there. That is quite a relief.

Reading the Bible? That's not going as well as I'd like. I think part of the problem here might be the unpredictability of what I'm going to be able to do when. I'm not sure about that. I think it might be helpful to look at the barriers I am currently finding to Bible reading. I'll try to do this soon, but it will need to be private, so don't expect a detailed account.

The grattitude journal is one of those habits that I fell out of and now need to get past the feeling of failure and try again. Maybe I should take my own leaping advice and see what happens?

Reading a spiritual book has been sidelined due to the busy week I've had. I think that will get better soon, though...

I've been doing pretty well at blogging more than once a week. That is something I am pretty proud about! Blogging rocks!

Yesterday's post qualifies as something that scares me. I was honest about why leaps scare me. I'm usually pretty glad when I write about stuff that does scare me.

I'm sorry to say that I've gotten very behind on comments. This week has been long, busy and busy. Hopefully, things will slow down and I can reply to comments again.

There really isn't any new stuff that I didn't write about last week. If I become aware of anything exciting, I will definitely post about it.
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