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Julio Goes to School

PSSST, it's me, your fluffy waggly friend Julio. I have some fun stories to tell you!

You probably know that Mommy takes me everywhere with her. I go to school, to coffee, shopping, to physical therapy and to the doctor, for example. But you might not know that sometimes I get to play with other people to.

Today, in field, Mommy asked the professor if she could let me out of harness. It was a blast! I'm so proud of me for the most part, I didn't disrupt class, just made a few people feel better. These are all pople Mom knows and trusts.

But guess what I did? When i was showing mommy my paw and asking for a treat (Mommy has diagnosed me with Treat Seeking Behavior)? I snuck around to Mommy's other side and just put my nose down good into the treat pouch. It was cute, even Mommy says so, even if she told me to not do it again.

Mommy has been very busy, new meds, new supplements, new exercises, new apartment mates with whom I get to play and new insoles. I hope they help make Mommy better, I know she'd be happier and then we could walk and play even more!

Mommy wantss me to add in a few reminders to this post. First, she wishes to say that this off harness behavior was not done at the internship, just in classs and on campus.

She'd also like me to let you know that

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