Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

What Life With RSD is Like

I've always struggled to figure out how to explain what life with RSD is like. Sure, I can refer you to some great web sites. I can say "well, I've written about what RSD is here and there", but I can't always tell you what it's like to live with RSD. And today I need to just write briefly on the different experiences I have with RSD. Here's my best attempt:

Life with RSD feels like someone taking a match, a piece of sand paper and a baseball bat to my foot and leg at the same time.
Life with RSD is trying to react nicely, even when the soft touch of a friend or even a stranger causes severe pain.
Life with RSD is always wondering if I'm good enough as a partner for Julio because some days it's all I can do to get out of bed and feed him.
Life with RSD is always wondering if people understand.
Life with RSD is being so grateful when a friend finds a parking space close to the building.
Life with RSD is both hating and loving your medications because they impact your life so deeply.
Life with RSD is what can make me cry more than anything else.
Life with RSD is knowing that my friends care, even though I don't feel like the real me behind all of this pain.
Life with RSD is learning medical vocabulary so I can understand more about my health.
Life with RSD is something I wish no one experienced.
Life with RSD is an inspiration for me while trying to become a social worker.
Life with RSD is a challenge which teaches coping skills.
Life with RSD is hard for those who witness me live with it too.
Life with RSD is not a death sentence.
Life with RSD is an opportunity to do some good, even if I don't know how or why.
Life with RSD is meeting new friends who understand what it's like to suffer from pain.
Life with RSD is hoping for a cure.
Life with RSD is learning to live in new ways.
Life with RSD is dealing with pain in new ways.
Life with RSD is never running out of things to write about.
Life with RSD is learning that healing comes in different forms.
Tags: chronic pain, hope, rsd sucks

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