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FAQ's About Nickie's Nook

I've had several questions since I first launched
Nickie's Nook: Sharing the Journey
and I've decided it's time to release a frequently asked questions document. I hope this is helpful, and addresses questions you may have.

Why did you Write This?

I wrote this book because I wanted to share some of what it's like to live with blindness and chronic pain. I wanted to describe the various ways in which the two aspects impact my life, and each other. I've only seen a few books which even acknowledge that blind people can get chronic conditions, too. I felt like there was a lack of information on how to manage chronic pain while living with blindness. I also found that many of my doctors didn't know how the two conditions would impact each other. Finally, I felt that my story could help someone and that I could not remain silent.

Why Does Blindness Matter to Chronic Pain and visa verssa?

In short, it matters because both of these conditions can and do impact life. Blindness changes how I do many of my day-to-day activities. So does chronic pain, to be honest. It only makes sense that these parts of my life can intersect.

Is that all You Talk about in Your Book?

Sort of. It permeates much of what I wrote. I can't write about Julio without blindness coming up, for example. There are some essays which talk about other aspects of my life, but as I say in the closing piece, my identity is like a tapestry (described in the Sonja D. Curry-Johnson piece I reference in the book). And thus, while I might talk about something else, the other threads of my identity intersect that other piece, or thread.

Where do I get Your Book?

My preference, when possible is to have people buy the book from the
Lulu Store Front
because it has better stats and tracking than when the book is purchased from the retail channels. Also, to be honest, since i do donate to charities and non-profits, the increased revenues help myself and otherss.

Why Isn't Your Book Available From Other Accessible Sources

I've chosen, for the time being, to provide the book in accessible formats through my own resources, simply because I feel this is reasonable. Yes, legally, the book can be distributed through sources which provide electronic and hardcopy accessible versions (braille, BRF, Daisy, cassette, etc). I would even give permission to distributors such as the Library of Congress's NLS service
,a href="">Braille and Talking Books</a>
but since the book is available in accessible format for a reasonable price, I have not sought out sources which provide the book for free. That may come later. I'm not against it, but as a writer and consumer, I've always felt that the best model is when the publisher provides the book in accessible format. Since I know how to create most accessible files, I feel that this is the best route for my book for now.

Is the Book Available in Braille or Recording?

Not yet. This is one reason I would definitely accept the help of distributors (library or otherwise), to make the book available in hardcopy Braille, Daisy or cassette. I've thought an mp3/Daisy/CD version would be great, but haven't had the knowledge of how to do these things. Check back on this blog, because this is one area where readers and I could colaborate on creating other accessible formats.

Why Should I get the Book?

Why didn't you ask me sooner? Here are a few reasons to purchase the book for yourself or others:

  • I feel, and have been told, that it's a great resource on the life experiences of people who are blind, who have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, have chronic pain or have service or guide dogs.

  • It stars a cute guide dog, and a quirky human being.

  • It has everything you know and love about me in blog form, but with better proofreading.

  • The cover is done by a great photographer.

  • You're supporting some great causes, which champion the needss and rights of people with visual impairmentss, Guide dogs and people with chronic pain.

  • You'll learn some of the basics you didn't know about me.

  • Your purchase could help me meet a milestone I never thought I'd meet (how's that for suspense?).

  • You'll love it!

  • Books are more portable than blogs.

  • Books make great paper weights.

  • You, too, can be one of the many Americans who will read a book this year.

  • The essays are both big and small, so you can read as much or as little as you want on a given day.

  • If you buy it, I can quit writing the HTML code for the list you're reading now!

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