Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Another Goal Check-in

I've been working on my goals some more, but haven't been able to write about them due to school and related stressors. But I'd like to give an update, and share how things are going in these areas. I am happy with some, less so with others, but here's what I've got to say:


Drinking more watter has gone well some days, not so well others. It's tricky, because I'm always worried about whether drinking water in class will make me need to go to the bathroom. But I do plan to work on that more.

The healthy snacks and fruits/veggies has gone decently well. I actually notice that I miss having yogurt and fruit when it isn't available. That is a great sign, I never would have thought that would happen. I suspect hadies has frozen over by now. That said, veggies are still on the hate list.

Work in physical therapy is going better than I could possibly have imagined! I trust my physical therapist a lot. I've made some progress in strength and using my muscles appropriately. I'm also really excited to tell you that I'm making progress in desensitization. What I do is rub a very very soft blanket up and down my leg (the foot is still too sensitive to touch). I do this for a few minutes, and after the first little bit, it doesn't hurt too much. The time it takes to get to that point is slowly getting shorter. I'm really excited about that fact. My physical therapist found a type of electrical stimulation which actually relieves pain for me, and in 15 minutes, I get some relief which lasts for three hours or so, I never thought that would happen. Finally, yesterday, she taught me how to use my left leg when going up stairs. I haven't done that for two years, so this is pretty exciting. I walk faster and look better as I do it on flat ground. I'm surprised, and very proud.

Physical therapy is one of the best things for me in trying to help with my pain. I have had an adjustment in medications, which has helped significantly. But there are other things which are still keeping my pain up higher. Those I'm slowly remedying. That said, I feel stronger, and can do more functionally.


I've been writing about emotional stuff, though not always publicly. I do think that writing has helped me to understand life better, which I like. Writing is awesome. There's not much I can wirte publicly right now, but just know that writing is definitely helpful here.

Work with my psychologist/counselor at the campus counseling center is very helpful. She's been very supportive and helped me a lot. I'm glad I go.

I'm still learning about mindbody skills. Right now, my goal has been to find out more about what's out there, but also to just get off to a good start with school. But in some ways, the work in physical therapy and in counseling are coming together in interesting ways which helps me to be aware of how my body and mind effect each other. This is useful knowledge.

The goal of doing at least 20 minutes of relaxation a day is not going as well as I'd hoped. Things have been so incredibly turbulant that all I can do is try my best. I do listen to affirmations most days, though, and try for relaxation whenever possible. I got some very valuable
feedback from the How to Cope with Pain blog
which I really appreciate.


Prayer has been, um, interesting. I'm praying, but not hearing much in response. That's hard, because this is a time when I need to hear from God...

Bible reading is not going well. With all of the school stuff I have to read, it's been hard to fit in.

As you may have noticed, the grattitude journal has gotten behind. I do notice things, i just don't always remember to write them down. Then I don't get things written here, either.

I started a book called "It's Not About Me" by Max Lucado. So far, it's very good.


Posting more than once a week is still going well. Sometimes, the posts are private, but they are there, which is the important part. I'm glad I'm getting back in touch with my writing. I credit LJ Idol withsome of that. I think part of the difficulty was that after writing a book, it's hard to remember how important those little posts can be. It's not a book, but the book wouldn't have happened without blog posts, and blogging is a practice.

Blogging about something that scares me is a mandate I'm trying to follow more. I think it's happening more, which is good.

Comment responses are still not as consistant or as quick as I would like, but I do feel like there are some improvements there.


I haven't been very successful in marketing in the previous months. I've been seeking new ways of sharing information about the book, but haven't hit uppon a particularly brilliant idea. That, too, will probably take practice.

I have been looking for partnership and outreach opportunities. The biggest issue here though is time.


In all, things haven't been too bad. I have seen progress, and I think it's going to take lots of baby steps to get where I'm going. Overall, I'm relatively happy with the improvements so far, since I know that I have further to go and I can see that that is possible.
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