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I'm Home!!

Well, after a very fun weekend, I'm home!
Friday I went to YIAT which was fun. I answered a lot of questions about the Guide Dog. We did a lot on the TYL design team, and had worship.
I had trouble getting to sleep on the florr, partially because of my foot. Saturday, I was tired. But it was a fun time.
I got up, had breakfast at YIAT, did the worship thing, TYL design team, then left. Craig got Andrea (a pastor at a different church) to drive me to the Marriott. We had a great conversation, and I hope I can get to know her more! When I got there, I ended up having to get assistance to the room. I figured out how to get to the Colombus hospitality room, hung there for a little, went to the restaurant and had a burger. Had to have help to find the room again, rested for five minutes or ten and went back to the hospitality room. Gave the guys a really hard time, then Peg came in talking about a woman who's walked 13000 miles for breast cancer awareness. She started talking about Leader Dogs being down there, and even though I'm not going there, I went down. We ended up talking to Paulene for over an hour and a half. She was really excited that I'm going to GDB, and we're going to stay in touch. I never got maulled for not going to leader which is the school that this district of Lions supports.
Then we went back to the hospitality room and I went shopping with two other girls who were there. (Note to self: don't go to the mall of America when your foot hurts!) But I got a really comfortable pair of pants. They're made out of what feels like sweatshirt material.
Went up to my room, put my purchase down and hung out in the hospitality room until after midnight.
This morning, I went to the breakfast thing they had Paulene spoke and did a great job. She cut the mellow drama, and dispelled the myths about blindness and dog guides in general. It was definitely refreshing. I made a ton of friends this weekend! I met a woman who was curious about whether I'd get a Leader Dog, and I explained about there being other schools and that I needed my dog before I turn 18. She wants me to speak to their club and we decided to wait until after I get a dog. I also saw a woman who's a cane user, and we had a nice discussion. Very very cool.
I find it ironic that because of other circumstances, I spent more time at the convention than Dad did, and he's the actual Lion.
Now I'm tired, and my foot hurts, but I'm grateful that I've had a wonderful weekend.
Injection Tuesday. Thank goodness!!


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