Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

In and Out of Comfort... Zones that is.

I’m in severe pain. I’m a student, and pain makes functioning incredibly hard. It’s like a sunburn from the inside. Put another way, it’s a fire which cannot be quenched.

Now, I’m expanding my efforts to put out, or at least control the fire. As part of my new year’s blogging this year, I set several goals for myself. Some changes I’ve made are claiming more comfort for myself, trying physical therapy again, getting counseling, eating healthier, drinking more water and taking time to relax.

I already see positive changes. I’m getting support. Everyone I work with is working so I can function safely and comfortably. Physical therapy has already made walking safer and decreased the pain’s effects on my body. The doctors I see know how serious I am that something’s got to change. My pain is high, but I’m slowly changing that. I will not sit silently and accept pain so high it brings tears. And by pushing myself, I find comfort knowing that I’ll feel better. I will find a solution. Until then, I’m making progress to a healthier life. These changes pushed me out of my comfort zone. Admitting I need help, that my life isn’t how I want it to be took courage. But if the changes make me feel better, reduce my pain and support healing, then I’m really pushing myself into my comfort zone.

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