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Nickie Coby

Goal Check in for the last week

It's once again time to check in and look at how I'm doing on working toward meeting my 2008 goals. I do want to mention that I think it's somewhat helpful blogging about this publicly. For one, I'll have a public, googleable record of what I'm doing and how I'm doing it to meet my goals over all. For another, I'm also making myself more accountable. You all know how I'm doing on meeting my goals. Finally, it's also helpful because those who hang out with me off-line can help me stay accountable by making suggestions. Those with whom I hang out on line can also make suggestions if they want too, too. I value all input I can get on how I can make more progress. So, without further stalling, here are my progress notes on my goals. Enjoy!

Physical goals: I fell off the water and juice/healthy liquids wagon. One big problem has been that I haven't wanted to eat or drink much at all with the level of nausea I'm experiencing. So it's hard to force myself to drink anything, much less things I don't like as much as, say, a ginger ale. The healthy snacks are doing somewhat well. I'm reaching for yogurt and bananas when possible. The dog eating four bananas didn't help me in reaching this goal, though. Hopefully this week will be better. As I've already written, I started physical therapy and am optomistic about how that will go. Hopefully, my overall strength, flexxibility and balance as well as breathing and such will improve. I feel good about that potential. Finally, as for finding a new therapy, I have started investigating the availability of biofeedback, and continue to look for promising therapies to try to get my pain down. I will say that my pain has been really high, even with the increase in breakthrough medication. I feel pretty frustrated about that.

Emotional: Blogging about emotional responses has been okay. I'm trying to be more open about emotions in my entries, but there's still more room for openness in that area. I have started going for counseling on campus, and feel like that is the right choice. I'm kind of proud of myself for making that phone call. I tried to learn a new meditation skill, but it didn't go that well. I'm really hoping to learn other skills which work better, or even practice that particular meditation exercise so it does work. One thing I did start doing daily was using pain management affirmations. I listen to them while engaging in self-care stuff and I'm hopeful that they will help me think about things in ways that benefit me in daily life. We'll see, but I do find this practice to be grounding and helpful for having a more calm, mindful part of my day. The 20 minutes of daily relaxation is really tricky. I am really struggling to encorporate that into my day. What frustrates me about that is that the semester hasn't even started. If I struggle to engage in 20 minutes of relaxation now, how much harder will it be next week when the semester starts?

Spiritual: Prayer is going well. It's a very personal practice, but I do it throughout my day. That feels really, really good. I do want to write prayers more, as a private entry, but I don't know that that will happen. Time will tell, I guess. Bible reading through multiple modalities is going well. I'm happy about that, too. The gratitude journal is something I'm really glad I started. I still need to write this week's entry. I started a spiritual related book, but haven't gotten very far, to be honest.

Blogging: I did post more than once last week. I'm glad I've started writing more frequently, it's a great practice to be in. Last week's LJ Idol topic was pretty scary, so thanks to the contest, I'm meeting goals I wouldn't want to meet. Also, it was pretty scary to leave Julio's post up there because there's a tendancy for me to feel like a very bad guide dog Mommy. Comment responses are somewhat more consistent, but not much quicker. That's a goal which is challenging to meet.

As for the book, can we not talk about that? I haven't done much in that arena. Bad Nickie.
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