Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

I like to eat... Eat... Eat...

Apples and Bananas!

Hi everyone... Wag! Wag!

It's me! Julio! Mommy's in a lot of pain, so I was able to get to the laptop (actuallly, I'm borrowing the wireless keyboard). She just said "fine, but if you mess up my readership stats, I'll get mad and you won't get on the bed for another week." I reminded her she doesn't know how to see her readership stats, just her RSS subscription stats and friends list stats. But she doesn't know anything about how many people visit her LJ. She called me a smartass.

Guess what I did this week? I licked Mommy's apple and ate four bananas off the counter. Aren't you proud of me? Mommy was really mad when she figured that out. Almost as mad as when I nearly knocked her over after I saw my friends. And now she's concerned because my relief habits are different. I'm not sure why guide dog mommies and daddies get so worried about when we do a #2.

Shoot. I forgot to turn off
and Mom's listening to what I'm writing. She says I can't talk about relief habits on the blog. I don't know why? She does it all the time verbally. Stupid human.

Hmm... What else should I write? It's been cold here. Mommy makes me go out some, but not too much. She doesn't like the cold because it hurts her foot, lower leg and knee bad. I don't like it either. I was a
West Coast pup
and it never got so close to or lower than zero.

What else. Maybe mom will be less annoyed with me if I go tell you all that if you haven't gotten herbook yet, you should know I make a lot of appearances in it. It's a pretty good book, even if she didn't give me a copy. I thought it'd make a good meal, but Mom doesn't think so. She says that I've eaten enough and that since I ate her homework once, I've gotten my taste of paper.

Oh, one more thing. I'm good at making friends. I think her physical therapist and counselor like me. Physical therapy is interesting. It's the first time I've ever gone back with her, and they do some interesting things. Mommy learns stuff to do, which involves stuff on the floor. Then I help her with her exercises by bringing her my new squeaky bone and squeaking it for her.

OOH, that reminds me. Guess what I got for Christmas? A jingle collar for when I'm at home and playing so Mom knows where I am, and it's easier for her to know I'm prancing. And... And... And, I got a big bone with tennis ball stuff on the outside and squeakiness on the inside! It's so cool! And the best part is that since Mommy can't see, I can leave it where she'll step on it, then it squeaks when she walks on it. Then, I can run over and make her play with me. Isn't that cool?

Well, I'd better go. It's about time to start bugging Mommy for dinner.

Love, hugs, kisses, paws, squishes, cuddles and tail wags,


PS: GJ, if you're reading this, give Baxter a pet or play rope with him for me.

PPS: GJ is mommy's Dad.
PPPS: I'm hungry!
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