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Well, after I finished writing my Live Journal, I surfed the net. It's so nice to do that again!! Then at 11:00 or so Helena and I went to Perkins for breakfast, and I ate a ham and cheese omlet and hash browns and toast. Then we went to Walmart, and I spent about 56 bucks, then on to Target where I spent 70 bucks! I got some great clothes though! A skirt, three tank tops, another skirt, a pair of sun glasses, a corduroy hat, a few grad presents for friends, a coke, some shoes that my orthodics can fit into, and I think that's all. I'm pretty much good for the summer now accept for CDS and whatever stuff I need for convention which is probably stuff like the travel sized esentials and a first aid kit since I'm such a klutz.
I'm hoping I didn't totally spend everything in my account, but then again, I'm not exactly sure! Tomorrow I'm supposed to learn how to use a talking ATM, explore the gate area in an airport, and self-familiarize around a hotel, all practice for Convention.
Okay, in this next paragraph, I want the user name to have a link, but I don't know how.
Rangoon posted a message saying that my cyber friends were thinking about/praying for me. Thanks! I apreciate that a lot, you guys haven't flamed me for complaining about my foot, and you've provided a listening ear, I can't ask for more than that! I do want to say that I hope you all realize that I don't just think of you as cyber friends, I hope to meet you someday, and many of you have been there through a lot. I hope I haven't come off like a jerk.

The other thing is that I've been hearing a lot about dreams, and what scares me is that I dreamed that I died from the bone scan. I hope dreams aren't always true. Although this life isn't always great, I really have a lot I want to do this summer and in the future. I think this dream stems from the fact that I don't know what to expect. I haven't found a web site that describes the medical procedures, and that would help me. Unfortunately, what I have found is not very accessible.
Well, I've unloaded long enough!



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