Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Grattitude Journal

Here's another week of 2008 and another chance to write down the things I feel grateful for. These, as with last week, aren't in any particular order, just random stuff.

  • Those who believe me when I say "it hurts."

  • The productive and supportive visit with my nurse practitioner.

  • The availability of wheelchairs at the mall.

  • The kind people at Lush who helped me spend money and leave with lots more than I expected.

  • The kind woman who said she liked my slippers (I couldn't get into shoes because of the swelling.)

  • The services available to students with disabilities.

  • The understanding I receive from those I work with at school.

  • My friends who made sure I ate, even when I didn't want to.

  • The friends who helped me get to various appointments.

  • The opportunities presented by my internship.

  • The understanding of those I work with at my internship when I need to leave early.

  • The kind woman at a workshop who helped me with food and knew the clock method of food description.

  • Those who let me feel pride in small accomplishments.

  • My mom's willingness to push me in the wheelchair today.

  • Mom's help with groceries today.

  • The fact that my ID picture isn't horrible.

  • Sales.

  • New meditation opportunities.

  • The inside joke of "I think I need a Beegger box."

  • Sandy's help

  • The warm days earlier this week.

  • Skype conversations about nothing and everything.

  • Those who encouraged me this week when I'm not sure I can stand the pain one more second.

  • Yogurt I like.

  • Ginger Ale.

  • The fact that Julio likes his house collar and I can tell where he is now.

  • Julio's love for his new squeaky bone.

  • The chances to smile at Julio's antics.

  • The fact that Julio hasn't lost skills on escalators.

  • Empathetic people.

  • Chances to branch out and learn something new.

  • Heat.

  • Coffee

  • Accessibility features I have the luxury of taking for granted.

  • Those who faught to make it easy for me to forget that we didn't always have accessibility.

  • Those who do the right thing with accessibility.

  • ?Slippers which I can wear outside.

  • Twitter

  • Books

  • My Stream

  • Wireless keyboards

  • Soft blankets

  • Soft pants

  • Those who teach without lecturing

  • Medications, even when I wish I didn't need them.

  • Search engines.

  • Access to knowledge.

  • Tegaderm, which makes bathing with a medication patch so much easier.

  • The freedom to be as open or as ambiguous as I want about my health choices.

  • Boundaries and the freedom to set and change them.

  • Water.

  • Tea

  • Baileys

  • Whipped cream

  • Hot chocolate

  • This blog.

  • Those who understand when I am upset over small things, then miss the bigger picture.

  • Those who gently remind me that I'm missing the bigger picture.

  • Those who tell me not to stress over something I can't change.

  • Each and every reader of this blog.

  • Hope

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