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Goal check in!

Okay, I can't say I'm doing all that well on my goals. Here are a few impressions:

Physical: I'm not drinking enough. The bedtime water is the only water I'm drinking. Basically, the pills at bedtime get taken with water easily, but during the day, I like my sodas, coffees and such. In the healthy snacks area, I am succeeding in eating yogurt as a snack every day, so far. It has to be smooth, very few clumps (I make an exception for banana), but I'm at least eating it. Exercise is probably going to be hard, but I expected that. The pain is getting in the way here. I'm still going through the possible therapies to try, and will talk to the nurse practitioner at the pain clinic about adding something to control the pain better.

Psychological/Emotional: I'm blogging about how I'm doing with these goals now. I'm pretty proud of that fact. It's two days into the year, and I haven't done anything on the counseling/social work front, but I've got time there and will just figure something out down at school. I know that we have a counseling center, and am considering that as an option. Still trying to figure out which mindbody skill to try. And relaxation is doing okay, if you count relaxation at bedtime as part of that 20 minutes.

Spiritual: Prayer is going okay, not great. Still need to work on that, but maybe I could write my prayers? I'm trying to use RSS and Twitter options to help me with Bible reading, but haven't gotten far yet. OOPS, haven't started that gratitude journal yet. Kicking myself for that, but maybe the public admission of that will spurr me onto actually getting this done. I'm starting to look for spiritual books, and have found some. Does fiction with a Christian theme count?

Blogging: Yay, I've already posted more than once this week! Good girl, Nickie "click!". This post scares me, so that's one step closer to meeting the goal. I'm doing somewhat better at responding to comments, but we'll see how that goes during school.

Book: I'm starting to look for new marketing options with the book, and trying to get realistic pictures of how well those options will work for me and what my values are. Not getting anywhere on the partnership opportunities. Outreach? What's outreach?

Overall: I'm not doing amazing, but I am making an effort, and that's what's truly important. Most of these are big goals, which need to be started slowly to have any chance of getting where I want to be. If you're still looking at goals or resolutions, I highly recommend checking out
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Jan. 3rd, 2008 09:30 pm (UTC)
Let me know how clicker training on yourself works out - I may use it to break myself of leaving dirty laundry on the floor!

Jan. 4th, 2008 01:37 am (UTC)
Re: ha!
I'd say the most challenging thing about clicker training myself is that I can't use a clicker because it confuses Julio. I'm also less inclined to reinforce myself than I am Julio.
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