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Hey, New Year, bring me some good stuff!

The topic for this week's LJ Idol round is "What the new year will bring." Of course, no one can know what will happen. If I did, I could've saved myself some worrying. If I'd known that I'd have a racing heart, but that I wouldn't end up having a serious deformity or anything else wrong, I could've reassured a whole lot of people, for example. But here's some of what I hope will and won't happen, as well as a few goals. I'll do this in a structured manner, headings for various categories and then a separate subheading for goals so I can find them later.

Physical Health

Mainly, physically, I'd like to have my pain decrease, and teach my body to respond better to the pain. I've decided that yes, I do have to learn to cope with the pain, but I also need to be more assertive about getting the pain under control. So I truly hope that this year continues the spirit of teamwork which I'm blessed with in all of my doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and friends and family (plus others who may be involved). I'm lucky that I have such wonderful support, and that others want to see me feeling better. I want to see that good will continue, and see improvement in the pain.

I also hope to improve physical skills/traits such as balance, strength and reaction. I hope this year allows me to feel better about my body.


  • Drink more water, juice and healthy stuff. Work toward drinking at least 1 glass of water at these times: Morning, noonish, afternoon/evening and before bed. Try to replace one soda drink with a juice.
  • Increase consumption of healthy snacks. Experiment with yogurt flavors, fruit and maybe (gasp), vegies.

  • Start an exercise plan or work with a physical therapist knowledgeable in RSD. More importantly, find ways to make that physical activity consistent.

  • Find new therapies which will decrease my pain. Aim for a 4-7 or lower on the pain scale.


This year, will, I hope bring some much needed coping skills. I hope that this year, I learn to deal with fear, anger, frustration, depression and pain both productively and healthily. I hope this year continues to build my skills in dealing with emotions. I also hope it brings a lessening in the depression symptoms I've faught.

As far as good things I'd love to see continue, I'd love to see my use of writing to deal with life continue to blossom. My blog is a source of comfort, challenges, growth and support. I want that positive aspect to continue, while developing these positive traits even further.


  • Blog about my emotional responses to life at least once a week. It's okay if I choose to post that privately, what's important is that I write specifically about something emotional, or based on my current thoughts once a week.

  • Seriously consider counseling or work with a social worker to help find new ways of dealing with challenges. I seriously am starting to think that if nothing else, it will help me improve social work skills to be on the other side of the desk.

  • Learn one new mindbody skill. I'd like to do biofeedback, but that option seems to be unavailable. So mainly, I'd just like to learn one new skill.

  • Do at least 20 minutes of relaxation skills a day. Also: Consistently apply these interventions in stressful situations.


This year was awful spiritually. I've wandered in the desert long enough, thank you. I want to find ways to spiritually grow this year. I don't know where that is going to be, but I know that things can improve. I'd like to feel that I have started to resolve my questions of why God is making me go through some of this stuff, like pain and the reactions to it. I would also like to feel that I trust God again.


  • Start praying more than when I say I'll pray for someone.

  • Read the Bible.

  • Start a gratitude journal.

  • Read a spiritual book or three.


I already talked about how I want to see the emotional benefits of blogging continue. There are some other things I'd love to see happen, too. First, I want to see the community of readers of this blog grow. I'm blogging because I feel I have a unique perspective to share, and I want to see that perspective reach out further. I'd also love to see commenters here get to know each other better. Finally, I hope that this blog becomes an even better resource in the future.


  • Post more than once a week. This blog is a joy to write, and I want to increase my experience of that joy. To do that, I need to blog more.

  • Blog about something that scares me. The post I wrote about the Kindle truly scared me. There are also other topics which truly scare me, but which I either want to learn more about or have a strong opinion on.. I could be limiting myself by not blogging about those topics.

  • Respond to comments on a quicker and more frequent basis. I'm bad at this, and want to improve this skill.


My book
has brought a lot of joy to my life. I can't wait to see what happens with it in 2008. I hope that I can go into the next sales bracket. It has so much to share. It's like sending your child out into the world when you publish a book. I want to see that book succeed.


  • Find new ways to market the book.

  • Look for partnership opportunities.

  • Do more outreach.

This post is getting long... Well, very long. These are my goals for now, but who knows. More could come. I pray that the new year brings joy to you.
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