Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Christmas Sensations

One thing about Christmas which I've always loved is how Christmas stimulates all of the senses. There's no bordum, or lack of sensation. It's busy and full of experiences.

Even from a young age, I loved the Christmas bright colors and lights. I loved to look at the Christmas tree when the lights were on and I loved to color with bright reds and greens. It was one time when I could answer the question "can you see this?" with a "Oh, yeah!" Oh, and let's not forget how exciting that can be to sighted people who aren't expecting it. I think it's especially appealing to those who feel sad about my blindness. It's something they don't expect me to have in common with them.

The smells of Christmas are wonderful. The cool smell of candy canes and the crisp smell of pine contrast with the warm smells of cinamon, spice and baked goods. I have to admit that the scents of wrapping paper and tape are linked with Christmas in my mind, too. Finally, I love the smell of candles which happens at the end of the Christmas Eve candle light service.

The tastes of Christmas are great too. Sugar cookies, fudge and all of those waste widening goodies taste so wonderful to me. I also love hot chocolate and hot apple cider. I've not yet had ginger bread, but have had ginger snaps. I hear that those ginger bread lattes are good too, but haven't been brave enough to try one yet. Even though I'm 21 now, I still haven't had egg nog, but I hate the flavor of nutmeg, so can't say that I have any desire to. But even with the tastes I'm not familiar with or fond of, I still love the taste of christmas.

Christmas sounds wonderful. I love Christmas carols, though I sometimes need some moderation. Christmas concerts can be appealing, too. This year's concert was
Ronnie Milsap
and as with all of his concerts, I loved it. His Christmas CD is beautiful, by the way. There's something else I love about Christmas music: it's very predictable and I have been able to memorize lots of it because of the annual repetition. That's helpful, because I can sing along without needing Braille words and I don't have to guess at what note comes next. Thus, I can sing more, though there are likely people who wish I wouldn't. I love the literature of Christmas. The poetry, books and stories are wonderful. There's something comforting about Christmas stories, the beautiful sentiments, joy and cheer they provide. And I love the feeling of awe which creeps over me as I listen to the Christmas story from the Bible.
Finally, Christmas brings so many sensations to the touch receptors. Who can forget the feeling of prickly pine needles? As much as I hate the feeling of stepping on one, I do love to touch the tree the needles come from. There's the feeling of snow under my feet, which I admit is no longer fun, but it used to be. I love the feeling of polar fleece and other warm fabrics, too. Have you ever felt the warmth of cinamon or the coolness of peppermint? Also, the feeling of the shapes of Braill words across the page, spelling out the Christmas story brings memories of reading during Youth Performing Arts shows. I'm also a huge fan of the warmth of fireplaces.

I hope you've enjoyed this treck through my sensational memories of Christmas. But mostly, I hope that whatever you're doing, and whoever you're with, you're having a very Merry Christmas. And to those who celebrate other holidays, I hope those are or have been fulfilling for you, too.
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