Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Painful myths

When you hear about chronic pain, what do you think? I know that when I heard about chronic pain, it used to have a very different meaning. There were myths which haven't proven true for me, and those myths have impacted my healing and how I learned to live with pain. For good? For bad? I don't know if I will ever know. Here are some of those, and what I've learned:

"If you were a better person, you wouldn't be in so much pain."
The truth is that pain rarely has anything to do with the quality of one's character. If you get a condition because you broke your hand smacking up your spouse or random person on the street, then yes, doing something hurtful and morally questionable may be contributing, but otherwise, don't torture yourself. Ask the simple question of "are you doing the best you can to live well?" That said, people are not always determined by their actions. Doing something "bad" doesn't mean you are a "bad person."

People with chronic pain are just in it for the drugs.
Some people do try to claim to be in pain for the drugs. But if you're really in pain and do need medication, it's no different than any other medical condition. It's a very complex condition, and there are differences in how each person responds to pain and its treatments, but someone who doesn't know your history and who has no medical training is likely more concerned with the one experience they had with Vicodin where they were woozy.

The depth of the injury is the depth of the pain.
Not really. You'll find that pain is a weird sensation in that it's not always very accurate. There's referred pain, the gait control theory and tons of other challenges. And if that doesn't confuse you enough, just remember that we're disscovering new problems every day, so what doesn't look like an injury may some day be found to be one.

Everyone should get their pain to be non-existant.
Well, ideally, I'd love to see chronic pain irradicated, but I think pain has some benefitss, such as the fact that if it didn't hurt to hammer your thumb, you'd never know to stop.

Pain is simple, it hurts or it doesn't.
I wish! There are tons of different ways things can hurt, burning, tingling, cold, achy, stabbing etc.

The last myth: "This is a definitive source on dealing with pain."
Not on your life!
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