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Writer's Block: You Make Me Feel Like Writing

What inspires you to write?

I write because I am inspired, sometimes. Sometimes there’s less inspiration when I start out, then more as time goes on. Sometimes, I never feel the inspiration.

My personal experiences inspire me to write. I frequently experience something, then mull it around, tfind a few different things which perplexed me and then write. Most of the time I disguise things somewhat, especially if they deal with another person. So if someone from church (this implies I actually show up), made me angry, I might actually say it happened somewhere else if it’s obvious to lots of people who that would be. That kind of disguise is rare, though. It’s more likely that I’ll soften the discussion, or only give a minimal amount of context. That means if it doesn’t matter where it happens, I don’t tell you where it happens. So it might not even be obvious that it’s an experience I had, but an experience is usually behind my writing.

My feelings which I’m afraid to share often inspire me to write too. It’s somehow easier, and even more helpful to write about my feelings than it is to talk about them. It removes the aspect of worrying about what people will say, because if I want to, I can just write just for myself.
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