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Two Days

Well, I had an entry sort of half written on my BrailleNote, but I didn't send it, and I don't feel like updating that one. (Don't ask why.) What a rollercoaster!
Yesterday I had to take two extra strength Tylinols. I just couldn't deal with the pain. It helped. I did better with the math stuff for economics. So at least that was good.
I was pretty out of it for a while, because of the Tylinol. And it gave me the hiccups.
I did get an A on the story "Healing Angel" and my poetry is pretty good.
Then, the day turned around. At least for a few hours. I received an email from the Admissions Manager at GDB, asking if I'd had a TB test and if not, could I have one done? Apparently the doctor's office never filled out that part of the medical form. Mom called them, so hopefully it'll all be fixed now. I was so mad!!!
Other than that, I got a new sweater that's turquoise which makes me smile.
Today I made chicken on the George foreman Grill. It went well, and thank goodness I had the ove gloves so I didn't fry my hands trying to make sure I knew where the grill was. And the chicken was great!
I went out with mom and did the Kodiak walk, but it didn't go extremely well. That route has changed now that there's not snow there!
Well, that's all.

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