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Seeking Help for a Friend

Those who've read my blog for a while know I don't pass things on unnecessarily. If you believe you can go to hell for not passing on a Meme, I'll be in the ninth circle. So you should know I'm not passing this on for any other reason that I care.

Two of my friends are going through a very tough struggle. Here's the request, and a few thoughts from me:

My husband Phil and I are blind handlers of Seeing Eye Dogs and live in Minneapolis. Phil is 42 years old and has been waiting for his third kidney transplant for five years -- one of the longest waits his doctors have seen. His body also adversely reacts to hemo-dialysis -- the standard treatment for those awaiting a kidney transplant. We are running out of options to bridge the gap between kidneys, and we are scared. Phil has type O blood, and since O is the most common, there are a lot of people with this type needing kidney transplants. If you or someone you know has Type O Blood, is in good health, is interested in being a living donor, and can come to the University of Minnesota Medical Center for the transplant, please call (612) 625-5115. Then press zero to talk to a secretary, and say you are interested in donating a kidney to Philip Kragnes. You will be connected to a donor coordinator. This person will give you further information about the donating process and talk with you about your life and health situation to see if you are a good candidate. If so, the next step will be a blood test. Even if you learn you are not able to donate to Phil, I want to thank you in advance for making the call and sharing this message with others.

End request, begin my comments.
The reality is that dialysis is not fun. Doctors don't just reserve this as the last option before kidney transplant because they want to, it truly carries its own risks, side effects and trials, just like any treatment. I've heard enough about what's going on to say that if I were healthy, donation would be on my mind.

This is a real situation. If you or someone you know would consider this, please make the call, and or pass on this post or a link to it. If it's not something you can do, please pray. Thanks in advance.

And, yes, I do have permission to post this here. If you need me to, I will forward comments or emails to the correct people.
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