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There's a lot on my mind today. Yesterday we did some work as a fund-raiser for ASP. We raked away dead grass and put in deck footings. My back is pretty sore now, so it's a good thing I've got a chiropracter appointment.
After that, my family got some subs from subway and went home. I pre-registered for the ACB national convention, then took a shower and laid down for a rest. Then I hear my Dad yelling to ask if I'm awake and I get up and go down stairs. My mom fell out of the chair and did something to her ankle. She wanted to go to my friend's grad party, so we did, then we took her to ergent care. It appears she tore a ligament or sprained it. At least it's not broken! Then today my mom decide not to go to church, and I'm disappointed! I really wanted to go! I need prayers for my foot and the bone scan. It's scary, but my friends at church remind me that God is there.
Well, I need to start looking for some books for World Lit next year.
I hope all of you are well, drop me a note and let me know if you wanna, I feel bad that I've lost touch with many of you!

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