Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

The Challenge

Feel free to imagine my voice with a reverb affect when reading the heading of this post...

One of the cool things going on this October is a bloggers challenge, to raise money for
Donors Choose (link goes to my challenge)
a site where donors can choose which educational proposals to fund.

Teachers write proposals, and describe what they need money for (books, supplies, technology etc.). I've found several different proposals I'm interested in.

The challenge is that for the month of October, the various blogging companies (Six Apart and Google, for example), are challenging their bloggers to help to fund proposals.

Bloggers create pages where they feature the proposals which interest them most. I thought it would be cool to fund accessibility, writing and reading related proposals. So, I've selected a few.

If this sounds interesting to you, visit
My challenge page
and see if there's something that interests you. I've set my total goal lower because I honestly have less time to devote to this than I'd like.

Feel free to raise your hand and comment if you have a question.

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