Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Baxter's Braille Skills

Wow, Nickie's really bad about posting this week. It's me Baxter, and I can't believe she's letting the blog go to the dogs... Anyway, I wanted to tell you the story of what I did, I know you'll all be so proud.

I have managed not once, but three times, to steal a
stylus (used for Brailling with a slate
and chew it. It's got a plastic grippy thing and a sharp pointy metal end. What's not to love? Nickie's kinda mad right now. She thought that thing was safely inside a cupboard.

As for where it was, or how I got it, I'll never tell (HeeHeeHee.)

Nickie's Note: The only reason I let Baxter blog was that I hoped he'd slip up and tell where he found it. He's now off to jump on Julio and run through the house. Guess I'll post it for him.
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