Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Writing close to the bone: or something like that

On Sunday, I think it was, I saw an article from A List Apart entitled
Reviving Anorexic Web Writing.
I'm not sure how I feel about using disorders as metaphors, but I loved the article. In it, the author points out that good writing should be nourished and nourishing. The article made me realize that I, at least, tend to take the path of least resistance if I'm not careful on this here blog.

I tend to think I have "nothing to write about", and that's why I've read a lot but not written as much this summer. Well that and the fact that I have been a bit distracted with the health problems, etc. The path of least resistance, though, isn't very nourishing to my writing habit, and doesn't provide me with nourishment for the soul. It skims the top of a subject and doesn't really reach deep down into the heart. And while it's not necessary to write about really deep issues all of the time, it is necessary to actually share something while writing, use honesty (if I'm struggling, share those struggles because that helps me clarify things internally and is actually where some of my best writing comes from), and while doing that, nourish the writing with good words, real life metaphors and language and real llife examples.

It's much easier to avoid that, which is why I'd say it's the path of least resistance, but like I said, it doesn't really express anything. It leaves emotions blocked off (which seems easier, but doesn't help me any), and it provides no clarification. My most helpful posts have been the ones I wondered if people would want to disown me for, or if I was going to be ridiculed for. Thus far, I haven't seen that happen.

Good writing on my part takes guts. It takes me being honest, sharing my struggles and sometimes starts a journey based on truths I need to accept more deeply. It's more alive, it's true and just by sharing from deep down ends up being good writing.

It's hard to honestly share the struggles I have had emotionally and physically. I doubt very seriously that anyone has been fooled, so it would be to my advantage to write. Time will tell if it ends up being high-quality writing or not.

Special note: If you're exxpecting an email from me, be patient, I will try to get the emails answered soon.

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