Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Interview from "All Access Blogging"

One blog which those who watch my bookmarks
may see that I really like is
All Access Blogging

I came into contact with Skye last year when she gave a presentation for
about accessibility. I didn't go, and couldn't go this year, either, but I did watch some of the blogs of those who did go. Skye's post, which she created as a handout/add-on to her presentation became one of the sources I referred people to when they wanted to know "what's this accessibility thing, why do I care and what am I supposed to do anyway?" In fact, it's still in my side bar.

Skye asked me if I was willing to be interviewed, and between finals, papers and all of the "fun stuff" of this spring, I said yes. Skye was gracious about the delays in my emails, and the interview happened.

The interview about accessibility is up now.
So go check it out! Julio and I were both pleased.

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