Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

CT is evil

Because a hormone which was tested for in one of the samples i gave the lab was high, I had to get a CT scan today. First they said I'd need to arrive early and drinka "smoothy" (I'm not that stupid, nice try, but you can't fool me with such euphemism). Then, they decided I could come at a regular time because you shouldn't have to drink that stuff if you're imaging the adrenal glands.

No eating this morning, which made getting up so early a lot of fun without coffee, or food. I could take medications if needed, so I did take breakthrough meds around 6 tthis morning. Anyway, we got there, filled out paperwork (still inaccessible, still annoying). I then went back, and only had to do a minimal amount of changing. The first couple scans were easy, just breath when they tell you to and you're fine.

The technician said he wasn't sure if I'd need IV contrast, so he said he'd see about that. I heard his voice calling for a doctor, which creeped me out a bit. When he finally came back in, he said they'd use an IV contrast and have me drink some, so they could see my intestines better around the glands.

The barium contrast wasn't great, but I did get it down, eventually. It's berry flavored, and don't think I want anything berry flavored for a very long time. It's kind of thick and definitely gross. The IV contrast makes you feel very hot and flushed for a few seconds. I was supposed to notice a metalic taste in my mouth, but between dry-mouth and that horrible berry stuff, I didn't really. The technician was nice and did give me anothr nice warm blanket.

One other aspect of the scan I didn't prepare for well was the impact on RSD. Cold, plus stress, plus whatever impact the flushing etc has on the nervous system, plus holding still, plus the position I was in, plus the accidental dragging of a blanket across RSD-foot/leg didn't help pain levels. But, most important, I survived the scan.

Now comes wondering why they needed to see my intestines, and waiting for results.

Tags: health, rsd sucks

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