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Those words are not enough

Well, it's been since Sunday when I wrote last. I'm trying to remember what I did after that entry. I know that I didn't make a grocery list like I was supposed to. Maybe today.
Yesterday I just bumbed around. I did go to prayer, and we had a great prayer time. Every time I think of the gift I've been given with God willing to listen to my prayer, I get goose bumps.
I got my first edition of Syndicated Columnists weekly, which will keep me more educated about what's going on in the world I hope. Mom got a stuffed rhynocerous for donating to some wildlife organization, and she gave it to me. Other than that, I don't know. I slept pretty well, at least 8.5 hours, and today have bumbed around as well. I'm hoping to do the Kodiak route, which I know and that should help keep my confidence in my mobility skills up. Other than that, I have little to say. I think I'm gonna talk more about prayer.
Last night, I realized how unworthy I am to be a pray-er. How amazing it is that I can pray to a God who cares about us. I was amazed anew with having a Savior, so my imperfections won't kill me. It's so hard to believe, but I know it's true. And I do believe it. It sure helps me keep things in perspective, though, when I think about my concerns. If He sent His Son to die for me, surely He'll protect me! I felt the Holy Spirit on that prayer meeting.
Well, I'm going to go.
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