Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Getting excited, nervous for convention

In about four days, or less depending on how you count it, the 46th annual convention of
the American Council of the Blind
will start. I'm both excited, and nervous. I'm excited, as always, to see friends and make friends. I'm excited to learn, debate issues, ask questions and have a great time. I'm nervous, though, because large groups of any kind can be overwhelming.

I've had bad experiences, where people criticize me or my dog just because i don't meet their specific, usually non-universal standards. I also know that these conventions can be pretty stressful for everyone, but especially with that many canes, dogs and people who aren't quite sure where they're going. The sensory overload can be pretty intense.

There's also the pain... Always the pain. It was hard to manage pain at this type of convention a few years ago during the times when I either had mild (compared to now) RSDS/CRPS, or just plain tendonitis. Increased stress can sometimes make things worsse, and I've felt pretty bad lately. The walking can get tough too. Then, there's the accidental bumping or getting stepped on, which whether we like to admit it or not happens when you can't see. These things really do make me nervous.

I'm excited, though, because there's no flying involved this time for us, and I know where some food and coffee places are. That will make things easier. And, convention is fun. I'm hoping to blog some of what goes on at convention, but I wouldn't hold my breath. It would be cool though.

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