Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

What I've learned in the first week of being published

There is a lot of stuff that goes on after actually self-publishing any book. Since this is my first time publishing, I have to admit that I was learning a crash course in book publicity. Here are a few things I learned, so anyone else who's thinking about doing this can learn from me.

Use resources you have close by. Your first time publishing is not the time to show how independently you can navigate your word processor's formatting and spell checker. I had mom proof some of the book, and I'm very glad I did! Mom found multiple spelling and gramatical errors, not to mention that she is the reason the book actually has an accurately formatted table of contents.

I also tried to be open to suggestions from other friends who I know want me to succeed. These come up later, and have definitely made my job easier!

Register a domain for your book. Even if you're hosting your book on a self-publishing site like
create a domain so that you'll always have an easy way to tell people how to buy your book. Remembering
(capitals are just to help screen readers out) is a whole lot easier than
I'd say. Thanks to
Darrell and
who suggested this in the first place.

Figure out who needs to read your book. This may sound stupid, but it's important. There are people who will want to read your book because they're friends, but mostly, people will buy your book because it will fill a need for them. My book isn't heavily about technology, so promoting it to sites of tech users might not be the smartest. The goal is to think about who will actually be interested in the book. In my case, that is generally dog lovers, people who are blind and people with chronic pain. But it's also hellpful for people who want to learn more about the issues surrounding these areas.

Research ways to make others aware of your book. If you publish it, they will come isn't something I'm content to just wait to have happen. I really want my book to be helpful to people, but if they don't know about it, it won't be helpful. I wrote a press release, and then realized that press release publishing isn't always cheap. I did find a free site to post it, though, so that was good.

Tomorrow, I'll write a brief post highlighting a few blog posts that were published relating to this, and link to the actual press release.

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