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The Baxy Blog

Hi! Hi! Hi!
I'm Baxter, the pet puppy who lives at home where Nickie and Julio live when they're not at school. I was here first, in case you didn't know. I love having my friend here, but sometimes I get jealous.

My favorite thing to do is shop. I buy whatever I can from the trash cans; tissues, wrappers or whatever I can get. When I'm not shopping, I'm probably trying to herd stuff or people. I herd vacuums, brooms and people.

I can jump, run and eat. I also talk to Mom, Dad and Nickie. If I'm in the mood, you can ask me to tell you about it sometime.

In case you didn't know, I'm a black lab, border collie mix. That's why I like to herd so much. I also enjoy jumping on Julio, rolling around and growling, eating, eating and did I mention eating? That clicker training thing is cool, but I haven't figured out how to make that click happen all the time so I get more food.

Well, it's 10 at night, time for me to turn into an "Vampire" and terrorize the house at night. Don't worry, I'm not blood thirsty.

Barks or something


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Jun. 22nd, 2007 02:09 pm (UTC)
border collie blogginess
Hi Baxter, I'm Gracy and I'm also a border collie and lab cross, although I do not act like a lab, I'd rather herd things than eat things or get in the water.

I am also a guide dog and I was trained with that click thingy.
I think they're always changing the rules on how to make the click thingy click, and the trick is to figure out what they want at that moment, which doesn't mean that they'll want the same thing five minutes down the road.

When I'm not doing the guiding gig, I like to herd sheep, have you ever herded sheep?
My mama says that if we ever win the jackpot, that she'll buy a huge yard with my own sheep.

I herd my mama sometimes if there is something I want from her. I am going to some big guide doggie convention thing next week because my mama has to go for her work, and there are people there with those long white shephard sticks, but no sheep, which confuses me. I do think that in general, blind people are a lot like sheep and need to be herded places.

Good to read a border collie blog, my mama won't let me write in hers, not that I have much to say, anyway.
Jul. 27th, 2007 05:30 pm (UTC)
This is so Amazing:
Dear Nickie,
Your Mother Carolyn works out at Curves where I work as a trainer there. She has told me so many Great stories of you and your dog.
I can't wait each time carolyn comes in with more amazing stories.
I have been wanting to meet you for sometime now.
You are such an amazing person and I love your dog!
Your mother brought your book to show me today and I read just a little of what you had wrote and It inspired me to write to you.
You have such a testomony of your life that you are sharing and the Lord is teaching you each and every day by the littlest of things.
Isn't the Lord marvolous!
I will be looking into getting your book.
I'm telling everyone one I know about it!

I would love to meet you soon,
Yours Truly,

Sharalyn Anderson

(You can reach me at this e-mail if you'd like)
sharabeara15@gmail.com < I'm really not fifteen by the way lol.
I was just lazy and didn't want to change my e-mail address name.

God bless you,
and hope to hear from you soon!
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