Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Guide Dog training and Chronic Pain

posted an excellent post with suggestions for
pain management during training
This started me thinking abou how I would manage my RSDS/CRPS during training.

When I trained with Julio, I did have pain, but it was much more under control and required only Tylenol PM and Advil. The reality is that things wouldn't be nearly as easy as they were last time.

,p>I think the key, as described in the post, would be to be active beforehand. People with pain would find this to be of greater necessity than the average blind person training with a dog. The goal would be to decrease the variables which could cause a flare. This means being active before hand, knowing what to do to manage pain before it becomes a problem, having a good grasp on pain levels before training and asking for help.</p>

I'd say that for me, having enough medication would be required, as would relaxation, heat and aromatherapy products. I'd also want to have a good grasp on my diet. I took advantage of the volunteers who shopped for students. I tried to make sure I had granola bars or something similar available to snack on if I needed them. This helps, since some medications must be taken with food, and as needed meds shouldn't be postponed just because there isn't food available.

Staying ahead of the pain is the goal. Movement can be good for RSD, but it must be done carefully. It would take a lot of effort, but with these suggestions, I think I would be successful should training be necessary (though hopefully not for several years).

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