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Why blog?

I've been
tagged for a meme by Colin

The question is "Why do you blog?" Here are a few reasons.

1. Friendship: I've met so many wonderful people through this new medium. I now can't imagine life without the meaningful connections that happen here, and at others' blogs.

2: Ownership. I own what happens here. It's my responsibility to cultivate the writing, friendships and everything that happens here. I don't own my home, I don't own a dorm room, and I sure don't want to own people, but I can own my own blogging. If I want to move a link, write a story or ask a silly question, it's totally up to me. Yes, I admit I enjoy controlling something, but I think blogging is a healthy way to do it when done carefully.

3: A chance to write. One of the aspects of CRPS/RSD for me is that the pain takes away energy. I'm not sure if I'd have the energy to be a part of the newspaper on campus. And the reality is that I want to enjoy my writing. For me, that implies that I'm responsible for it (see above).

4: Personal growth. Blogging forces me to grow. I cannot think of interesting things to write if I don't grow, and look for new things to write about. Maybe that means reading an essay that really makes me mad, or one that challenges my thinking. It also means learning from the diverse group of friends I've made. Sometimes, it even involves tears, but at least it involves growth and knowing that I am still receptive to growing.

5: A record. Blogging is a very real and honest record of where I'm at. Sometimes that record is in what I'm not saying. But I can usually go back and find things I need to know. This blog is partially responsible for me figuring out I'm allergic to Advil, and definitely helped me figure out that storms can increase pain in my foot and leg.

6: An outlet. Writing helps me release harmful emotions and share those that are good. I can write here about pain and effects on my life, my frustrations with barrriers or anything else, really, and release those emotions. It's also a way to educate others about very real barriers and challenges we face with pain or disability.

7: Distraction: Thinking about the blog and what I want to post next provides distraction from stress.

8: Creativity. Writing is a great way to stretch creativity.

I honestly can't remember who has done ths, and don't want to miss others who haven't and want to, so I challenge anyone who reads to consider yourself tagged.

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