Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Surprising connections

In the past week, I've made some really surprising connections that, really, shouldn't have surprised me at all. What I still cannot figure out is why these kinds of connections are much easier to make for others than for myself. I feel it might be helpful to write them down, though, since I tend to forget this stuff easily, especially when it's inconvenient.

Last week, I did have some really good pain days. And, what surprised me, was how much those days made life easier. I started to want to eat, and not always have the heavy nausea, which has been really bad in recent weeks. I could think about other things, focus on conversations and enjoy life more fully. I always push myself to get through and do everything I would do, but I actually enjoyed doing it last week. As much as I explain how CRPS/RSD affects me to others, it was weird to realize it for myself. It confirmed to me that I really do have to do something differently to get the pain under better control. I do have an appointment tomorrow, so this revelation might be useful to someone.

The other surprising "no duh" thing was that it's not good to transfer tension other places in your body. I went to the dentist yesterday (that is a story in itself), and at this new office (same dentist), they do a bunch of screenings. One of the patterns that came up was that I clench my teeth and bite my lip a lot. This is apparently a bad habit, and may be contributing significantly to the tension headaches which turn into light-sensitivity and smell-sensitivity provoking things. I have tried to consciously relax my jaw today, and it has helped some. It took the dental hygenist's pointing out though to realize that the headaches could even be related. "You're trying to transfer the hurt" she explained.

I was impressed with her gentleness and willingness to work with me. She knew sighted guide, and my dentist had shared information on CRPS with her. I'd made mom deliver that information (including stuff we found on line and my paper) last week. I hadn't expected to end up there yesterday, but was there with my sister, and got scheduled on the spot. No cavities for me, which is good, as I understand it can be harder to keep them away if you get dry-mouth as I sometimes do from meds. I also haven't been to the dentist in two years, so this is good news indeed. Over all, I was pretty happy.

This shows my third revelation. It is possible to advocate for my needs as a blind person, a person with CRPS and as a human. Asking my doctors to understand what's going on can make a huge difference!

Tags: chronic pain, relaxation, rsd sucks

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