Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Pill counting, getting hard to swallow

So, today I realized I was lower on one of my medications (taken as needed), than I thought. It's about time to refill, based on the way I calculated it, but the pillls are large, and it feels like there are more in the bottle than I have. There's also a bit of a time gap of when you're supposed to call and when they can fill the prescriptions, I.E., I call a bit before I'm actually going to run out. So, other than calling the pain center a day after being there (stupid Nickie), and being embarrassed, all I can really do is wait.

So, here's the issue. It would make sense, for a normal person to take their pills out, and count into the cap. However, the clutsy author of this blog dislikes that method because she's had pills fall on the floor. Dog-hair with your opioids? Yum! Not to mention the fear of Julio snapping it up if it does fall, which I'd assume could be very very dangerous. So, my question for anyone who is feeling creative, what technological methods or non-tech methods could I use? I don't really want to rely on a sighted person to count, because of germs and the obvious issue of choosing someone very carefully when dealing with these drugs which can unfortunately be stolen and abused.

So, dear readers, how would/do you handle such an issue? I'd thought just now of a few random ideas that have downfalls: First, there's keeping a running spreadsheet noting exactly when I take a pill and a formula that subtracts the day's counts from the total pills left, but that's not portable, I don't have pocket Excel on the Q, I don't think. Keeping a plain text file is problematic for similar reasons, I don't have a word processor there either. I don't always have my Braille PDA with me, either, so a file there has the problem of remembering to note that I took a pill at lunch after the pain jumped from a six to an eight due to a thunderstorm or something worse. Pill boxes usually come open inside my fanny pack, which is problematic. They also don't allow responders to an emergency to see the bottles with what I'm taking as needed/when it was filled, and getting a box full of unknown pills complicates things a bit.

So, yeah, not sure what to do to avoid this, but if anyone has a chance to comment with suggestions, they will be much appreciated.

Tags: disability related, rsd sucks
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