Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Things that make me laugh, relaxation and shirts

There are things that can set you in the right mood to get a needle or two stuck in you, and luckily, I was able to have a few of those things happen. First, wear clothes that make you comfortable. If possible, I pick something that makes people laugh.
This "Yes, I'm STILL in pain" shirt
fit the bill nicely, I think.

We all know that a friend and I say "The Ring of Fire" is a good song for RSD-related stuff, and thus is the ring for anyone I see specifically for RSDS/CRPS stuff. What song came on the country radio station while driving (don't worrry, Mom was the one driving)? Yep, you guessed it "Ring of Fire". Made me laugh, though not everyone will appreciate that humor.

I was particularly proud that while hooked up to a pulse-oximeter (I think that's the name), it measures your heart rate and oxygen stats through your finger. Anyway, while hooked up to this thing, I was able to use relaxation exercises to dramatically decrease my heart rate. My doctor told me that my heart rate was high and that I should try to relax. So, I did. I think it's cool that I can now, through breathing, imagery and feeling myself relax, decrease my heart rate like someone dimming a light with a dimmer switch. It's obviously not something you want to turn off, but decreasing it? That is cool. And having that concrete feedback is excellent!

I'm not sure if this was as successful as I'd hoped because the anesthetic wore off around four this afternoon and did so very quickly (that wasn't a dimmer, it was just like a switch). But I am hopeful that that will help us know more about my pain and how we need to treat it. That's the attitude I prefer right now.

Tags: chronic pain, relaxation, rsd sucks

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