Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Another Julio Blogs post

Hi Everyone!It's fun to be able to blog here again. Mommy wouldn't let me for a while because she didn't like it when I drooled on her keyboard. Now that I can target with my paw, I wonder if she'll let me type more?

I've been busy playing with Baxter at home. It's fun to have the chance, but boring not to work as much at school. I wouldn't mind it, if it made Mommy feel better, but it doesn't really make it better, being at home.

Mom says she has an epidural something tomorrow. All I know is I get to go with grandma. That's always fun, but Grandma knows when I do things I can get away with since Mommy can't see me.

I'm doing better than I was. I'm not scared of cars at all, and I've gotten over us getting hit. I'm glad I didn't get hit at all, and that Mommy didn't get hurt bad when it happened back in April. I hope it never happens again.

Oh, I wanted to tell any dogs out there to get your parents to try clicker training. Mommy does it with me, and it's a fun game. Mom calls it training, I call it learning to work the vending machine.

Hugs, wags, paws and licks,

Nickie's Note: Julio forgot to tag his post, good thing I caught him...

Tags: clicker training, guide dogs, julio blogs

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